Ever wondered what it would feel like to become a bus driver? Become a real bus driver and drive your vehicle through crowded traffic in a big city. In our cool online bus simulator game you have to deliver passengers safely to their destinations. Drive around picking up people and drop them off without causing any accidents.

New Feature Games – Story Based Games has successfully put efforts and engineered a sophisticated coach software. I strongly recommend Driving Car Simulator as good simulation software. With over 15m+ and counting downloads, it is a safe game to download, install, and share with friends. Experience highway hill climb without an internet connection and play history’s most wanted Real Bus Driving Simulator. The driver must obey the rules and drive by the route. There are thirteen busses and their six routes in total.

Fernbus Simulator Download Free Full Version

And as you dive into the rides, gamers will also find themselves enjoying the realistic roads with many relatable in-game elements. Start with the actual highway tolls that are placed along the way and will cost you some case. The roads will also feature rest area for your bus and the customers. Experience actual rides and introduce your customers to many interesting services along the way.

Built from scratch Coach Bus Simulator Driving 2 and tailored to our very needs, we are free to customize each and every part of our engine as our heart desires, to devise custom solutions to our unique challenges. We strive to check all these boxes and bring to our fans the best representation of real life as far as possible. We do so by constantly upgrading our current technologies and know-how, and even working on niche projects such as support for Virtual Reality headsets. None of these would have been possible to such an extent without our own in-house technological solutions. From experienced veterans to fresh hires, you can always be sure that our company is full of forward-thinking and motivated people.

Introduce About Heavy Bus Simulator

Have you ever thought of having a bus company of your own? Download the game now to build the largest bus corporation in history. But in this guide, I will tell you how to download and install Coach Bus Simulator for PC running Windows and Mac operating System. By using the Android Emulator on your Windows and Mac device you can enjoy the game on PC. Surely the graphics are a critical aspect of this upgraded Mod APK because it plays an essential role.

  • If you join the bus, you can enjoy the European Simulator Bus 2012, but despite improved graphics, this is a game that has no character.
  • You will have to take your scheduled flights, stopping at stops and picking up passengers.
  • Making it even better is the solid online gameplay.
  • With the start of the European Bus Simulator 2012, and for the bus station, select a bus after checking the control.

I don’t want to complain however I don’t see a need of a hassle about sound recording while driving in-game trucks don’t provide that sound/noise you have recorded. Everything is dull and too quiet, not like in the real tractors. I still want to see real over-size cargo and convoy missions. Yes, Irizar is something everyone can relate to and I think, on the whole, it would be a great opportunity to expand beyond Trucking and setup a running coach business. Overall, the gameplay of Heavy Bus Simulator is simple and linear. You follow the directions of the map, drive safely to the destination to complete the challenge and get rewarded.